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Young Life thinks the world of kids. We believe that they deserve to know what life can hold for them. Young Life leaders are caring adults who come sharing hope as well as fun, meaningful and lasting friendships. Whether it's at club, campaigners or camp, teenagers will have a blast laughing, trying new things and being with their friends

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June 11, 2017 8:00 AM




June 4, 2017 7:00 AM

Nashville Yl Staff ​​​​​

David Ott

Metro Director

​Holli Hennigan

Young Life College Area Director

Dejuan "Sleepy" Richardson

Public School Area Director

Katie Harden

Private School Area Director

Cami Ott

Area Administrator

Lindsey Hearington

YoungLives (Teen Moms)


Kaitlyn Ousley

Capernaum, Small Groups

Tiffany Amezcua

Staff Associate

Trevor Black

Mission Staff

Caroline Grandstaff

Mission Staff

Noelle Greig

Mission Staff

Sarah Mason

Mission Staff

Andrew Underhill

Mission Staff

Chelsey Satterlee

Mission Staff, YoungLives

OUr Mission


Established in Nashville in 1968

Nashville Vision Statement

Every teenager in Nashville would have the opportunity to hear the gospel and respond to it.


Nashville Mission Statement

Walking toward opportunities that God presents and embracing the unique nature of Nashville we go where kids are and introduce them to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. 


Since 1941 Young Life has been making a difference in the lives of teenagers. Young Life is active in all 50 states and more than 76 foreign countries, reaching an estimated 1.5 million teenagers annually. In just one year more than 100,000 teenagers attend one of Young Life’s 23 camping properties in the United States alone.

Making an Impact

​Total Ministries: 29

Young Life at Public High Schools

Overton, Hillwood, Hillsboro, Stratford, Maplewood, McGavock, Pearl Cohn, Glencliff

Private Schools

MBA, Harpeth Hall, FRA, CPA, Ensworth, Lipscomb Academy

WyldLife (Middle Schools)

FRA, Harding Academy, Ensworth Academy


Capernaum (kids with disabilities)

Various Schools

Young Lives (teenage mothers)

Stratford, Overton, Maplewood, Hillsboro, Glencliff, Pearl Cohn, Hunters Lane, Antioch


Young Life College

Belmont, Vanderbilt, Lipscomb, Fisk, Trevecca

150 Volunteer Leaders: 82 College students from Vanderbilt, Belmont, and Lipscomb, along with 62 adult leaders and 6 High School Seniors as WyldLife leaders 


Kids served/kids we have relationships with on a weekly basis: 2,085        


Kids that come to weekly clubs: 855

Kids in Small Group Bible Studies (Campaigners): 245


Kids Who Went To Weekend Camp Last Year: 340


Kids Who Went To Week-long Camp Last Year: 135

​​Young life clubs in nashville 
​Name ​When ​Where ​Contact
​Monday at 7:30pm ​Contact Madison Madison Kent - madisonkent@comcast.net​
​Ensworth Wednesday at 7:00pm​ ​Contact Trevor
Trevor Black - trevormblack12@gmail.com​
​FRA Monday at 7:30pm​ Contact Ally Ally Lindell - allycemorgan17@gmail.com
​FRA WyldLife Wednesday at 8:00am​ FRA Middle​ Brianna McNeese - mbriannamcneese@gmail.com​​
​Glencliff ​Contact Madison ​Contact Madison ​​Madison Brown - mkmbrown2015@gmail.com​
​Harding WyldLife
3rd Sunday/Month at 6:00pm​ Contact Tricia/Kendall Tricia Ivarson - tricia.ivarson@gmail.com
Kendall Brown - kendall.brown@pop.belmont.edu
​Harpeth Hall/MBA Contact Claudia​ ​Contact Claudia Claudia Lenart - claudia.lenart@pop.belmont.edu
​Hillsboro Thursday at 6:00​ Green Hill YMCA​ Meg Schmalandt - mmschmalandt@gmail.com​
​Hillwood Thursday at 6:00​ Contact Sleepy Dejuan Richardson - ​drichardson323@gmail.com
​Lipscomb Contact Sarah Contact Sarah Sarah Mason - mason.sarahkathryn@gmail.com
​McGavock Contact Andrew Contact Andrew Andrew Underhill - andrew.m.underhill@gmail.com​​
​Maplewood Monday at 5:30pm​ Maplewood​ Alaina Elgin - aelgin17@gmail.com
Susie Sweers - susie.r.sweers@gmail.com
​Overton Thursday at 7:29pm​ ​The Shack (Cannon Center at First Presbyterian Church)
​Noelle Greig - sngreig@gmail.com
​Pearl Cohn ​Contact Warren ​Contact Warren ​Warren Norman - warren.norman@yahoo.com​
Thursday at 6:30pm​ ​The Top Floor Olivia Hosey -olivia.hosey@pop.belmont.edu​
​Capernaum ​Monday at 6:00pm
​Covenant Presbyterian Church
​Kaitlyn Ousley - kaitlyn@nashville.younglife.org
​Young Life College ​Monday at 8:00pm
​The Young Life House Holli Hennigan - holli@nashville.younglife.org
​YoungLives ​Thursday at 6:00pm
​Contact Lindsey Lindsey Hearington - lindseyhearington@gmail.com


Nashville Young Life
1515 16th Ave South
Nashville, TN37212
United States



Young Life Nashville | PO Box 120681 Nashville, TN 37212-0681

Phone: (615) 933-9232

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